Kettlebell Juggling Rankings, Levels and Certification

Welcome to the Kettlebell Juggling Ranking Page. Here you’ll find all the details you need to complete the different kettlebell juggling levels, attain ranking, and become a Master of Kettlebell Juggling. (For best results learn how with The Definitive Guide to Kettlebell Juggling 2.0)

You’ll find the current Masters of Kettlebell Juggling and all other rankings by scrolling down past the 20 example videos.

The Rules for Getting Ranked:

  • You must upload a public video on Youtube or another video sharing site.
  • In this video you must state the level you are going for, and show the weight of the kettlebell.
  • You must perform the series of movements in accordance to what is shown in the sample video and as it is explained. At the current time I am the sole judge of what counts. (As time goes up there will likely be more clarifications added.)
  • The video MUST link back to this page, state in the description the kettlebell juggling level and weight you’re going for and have your name. You can copy and paste the below example, just changing out the level, weight and name as necessary.
  • Send an email with the subject line: Kettlebell Juggling Levels with links to the video. You can send them in one at a time as you achieve them, or several links all at once. – This video shows Level 1 kettlebell juggling with a 16kg kettlebell by YOUR NAME.

Also a note on the difficulty of the levels. You may find higher levels easier then lesser ones. I had to balance between several factors. The skill it takes to do the movements. Plus the strength, conditioning and flexibility required. And lastly between the different weights that may be used. Certain ones will become much harder as the weights go up. Although I believe they’re well laid out in order of progression, the important thing is to master them all.

As for rankings the only kettlebells men can rank on are 16kg, 24kg, 32kg, 40kg. For women it’s 12kg, 16kg, 24kg, 32kg. Practicing with in between weights is good to do, but you can only achieve rank at these weights. You can use any kettlebell as long as it’s the proper weight. You’ll find some levels may be easier with a competition bell as compared to a thicker handle one, and vice versa.

To aid in practice it’s helpful to have these levels with you as you practice them. That’s why I created this two page PDF that lists all the levels which you can download and print.

Download the Kettlebell Juggling Levels Cheat Sheet (right click and choose save-as)

What do you get out of it?

  • When you achieve Rank 4 video you will get your name displayed.
  • For Rank 3 you can add a link back to your website.
  • For Rank 2 you can have a one or two sentence bio.
  • For the Master level you’ll also receive a longer bio with a picture and two or three links if you’d like and be placed in prominence. You can even link to your product. You’ll also be mailed a certificate signifying your expertise.

Level 1
Front Flip Alternating Hands for 20 reps
Reverse Flip Alternating Hands for 20 reps

Level 2
Uppercut Flip Alternating Sides for 10 reps
Uppercut Flip Left Side Only for 10 reps, then 10 reps Right

Level 3
Outside Flip Overhand to Hand Alternating x 10
Outside Helicopter x 10
Outside Underhand Flip x 10

Level 4
5 Hammer Flips
5 Reverse Hammer Flips
5 Hammer Outside Helicopter Spins
5 Hammer Inside Helicopter Spins
Switch Hands and Repeat All 20 Flips

Level 5
10 Ball Clean, Hot Potato, Toss Out Alternating Sides
10 Flip to Bell Clean, Hot Potato, Flip Out Alternating Sides

Level 6
10 Side to Side Flips Alternating Hands
10 Side to Side Flips Front and Backhand with One Arm, then 10 with Other Arm

Level 7
Ball Snatch to Overhead Squat x 3 Left, then 3 Right
Ball Thruster Launch Hot Potato x 20 Alternating

Level 8
Bottoms Ups Clean Flip Out x 10 Left, then 10 Right

Level 9
Behind the Hip Flips, Side Flip combo x 5 Left, then 5 Right (only counting behind the hip flips)
Behind the Hip Flips Repeated Back and Forth x 10 Alternating

Level 10
Two Hand Double Reverse Flip x 20
(note that the double flip doesn’t have to be perfect as long as it’s caught)

Level 11
30 Alternating Ball Snatch Flip Out

Level 12
10 Alternating Overhead Flips

Level 13
10 Outside Swing Rear Flips Alternating Hands with a Front Flip (only rear flips count)

Level 14
Over the Shoulder Flip x 20 Alternating

Level 15
Under Body Flip (AKA Dribbling Basketball) x 20 Alternating

Level 16
Ball Side Snatch Flip Out x 5 Left then 5 Right

Level 17
Bottoms Up Snatch Flip Out (AKA Tower of Terror) x 5<
High Pull Bell Snatch Flip Out x 5
All 10 with Left, then All 10 with Right

Level 18
Double Reverse Flip x 2
Double Flip x 2
Double Helicopter x 2
All Six Moves with Left, then with Right

Level 19
Over/Under Flips Same Hand x 3 Left then 3 Right

Level 20
Bottoms Up Flip to Clean Flip Out x 2
Bottoms Up Flip to Clean, Press to Overhead, Flip Out (AKA Tower of Power) x 3
All 5 with Left then 5 with Right

Current Masters of Kettlebell Juggling

Logan Christopher#1 – Logan Christopher runs Legendary Strength and Lost Art of Hand Balancing where he teaches people everything from feats of strength to bodyweight exercise, handstands and much more. He has had training as both an RKC and AKC and utilized methods from both systems in his training and his clients. He was originally inspired by Jeff Martone’s skills and has since become one of the best kettlebell jugglers in the US. He created The Definitive Guide to Kettlebell Juggling and this ranking system and certification. Another of his famous kettlebell feats was doing 301 snatches in the Secret Service Snatch Test with a 24kg kettlebell.

16kg – All Levels | 24kg – Levels 1-13 | 32kg – Levels 1-4, 10-11 | 40kg – Levels 1-2

How to Become a Certified Master of Kettlebell Juggling

For Men

  • Complete All 20 Levels with a 16kg kettlebell
  • Complete Any 12 Levels with a 24kg kettlebell
  • Complete Any 6 Levels with a 32kg kettlebell
  • Complete Any 2 levels with a 40kg kettlebell
  • Submit a Kettlebell Juggling Thesis
  • Video of 3+ Minute Kettlebell Juggling Flow with 16kg

For Women

  • Complete All 20 Levels with a 12kg kettlebell
  • Complete Any 12 Levels with a 16kg kettlebell
  • Complete Any 6 Levels with a 24kg kettlebell
  • Complete Any 2 levels with a 32kg kettlebell
  • Submit a Kettlebell Juggling Thesis
  • Video of 3+ Minute Kettlebell Juggling Flow with 12kg

A thesis is a video and article explaining a new kettlebell juggling move, series of moves, combinations or even new style of kettlebell juggling. This doesn’t have to be long or show a whole bunch, but must be creative and something new. Once again at this time I will be the sole judge of this and will provide feedback to make it better if it doesn’t meet my criteria. I’ll tell you right now a single new move or combination isn’t enough unless it’s really good. Usually you’ll want to come up with one move and several variations or combinations with it. In the video and article teach how it’s done, with the progressions that lead up to the skills if necessary. Send this to me by email at with the subject line: Kettlebell Juggling Thesis

The kettlebell juggling flow is just that. It showcases that you can do a variety of moves for some time without dropping the kettlebell at all. This is uploaded online with a similar description as the levels. Here is my example:

You may complete these in any order but all videos must be submitted. When you have successfully passed all six components you will be awarded a Master of Kettlebell Juggling Certificate and be able to claim such.

As a helpful reminder I’ve created these pages you can print out where you can check off your accomplishments.

For MenFor Women (right click and choose save-as)

How to Rank for Kettlebell Juggling

Because becoming a Master of Kettlebell takes some time to attain, the ranks are available to designate stepping stones along the way and are much easier to hit. This is modeled in concept off of the rankings for kettlebell sport, but is also different in format.

For Rank 1 – This is considered Master of Kettlebell Juggling level
For Rank 2 – Hit Any 30 Levels
For Rank 3 – Hit Any 20 Levels
For Rank 4 – Hit Any 10 Levels

This means that you can use any weights. For Rank 3 for instance, you could hit 15 levels with the 16kg, 4 with the 24kg, and 1 with the 32kg, for a total of 20 levels achieved. Only at the Master level is there specific levels you must hit with each weight, plus the additional thesis and flow requirements.

Current Rank 2 of Kettlebell Juggling

#1 – Chris Wooler – Optimum Nutrition Diet
Chris Wooler is a personal trainer and creator of the highly successful Optimum Nutrition Diet. The diet you can maintain and enjoy.

Current Rank 3 of Kettlebell Juggling

#1 – Dan Cenidoza – Art and Strength
#2 – Bret Duer – Anytime Fitness in Plymouth
#3 – Fredrik Tjulin – Optimal Training

Current Rank 4 of Kettlebell Juggling

#1 – Rob Russell
#2 – Ryan Pitts
#3 – Matti Marzel
#4 – Kevin Greto
#5 – Philippe Marbot
#6 – Øystein Bjørnstrøm
#7 – Aldo Alberico

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