"Over 6+ Hours of the Most In Depth Instruction on Kettlebell Juggling You'll Find Anywhere"

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Praise from the New Version

I wasn’t having much luck just trying to imitate random videos I came across on the web but now the juggling is going great. Your tips and demonstrations have helped me greatly and I enjoy seeing my skills get better every day.”
Bryan Blackwell from North Carolina

“Logan Christopher has, without a single shred of a doubt, created the most in-depth, informative, interesting and exciting Kettlebell Juggling product out there! And I would even go as far as saying that he created the most AWESOME Kettlebell Training product out there as well…period! Once again, Logan has gone into uncharted territory and has dived very deep and far this time with the knowledge, expertise and information that he shares in the Definitive Guide to Kettlebell Juggling 2.0. I, for one, have literally learned a TON of new stuff from this product after only one week, and that ought to say a lot! All I have to say to you is this: Get this course, it’s worth at least 10 times more then what Logan asks for it. Believe me, you won’t be disappointed!”
Matti Marzel - www.FerociousStrength.com
“With not a lot of experience juggling kettlebells so far results have been modest but they have been there. Every time I practice I can usually do something new or something better. I love how much information and how many videos there are on the site. It has a lot of information. Also I never really got the hang of the kettlebell snatch but after watching your video in module 0 I was able to do it and it felt great.”
Bryan Quinn - Scotland

“I think Kettlebell Juggling 2.0 is a great program. I had no idea there were so many movements. I have noticed my technique has gotten better as a result of studying & applying the information provided in the program. I like how the movement are explained & how there shown at different angles to get a better understanding of them”
Andre Stachelek from New York

“I’m only at home 1 or 2 days a week and I have an issue with my right shoulder that restricts all overhead work ( I’m finally working with a doctor after a year of pain and no improvement). Beyond that I’m totally hooked on juggling and can’t hardly pick one up without wanting to flip it so once I’m healed there’s no looking back! I want to keep progressing and this product goes well beyond what your original Definitive Guide DVD had to offer although it was a big help getting into this activity. The fitness benefits are obvious after trying this stuff out, but it is so fun and challenging that I don’t even think about it as workout.”
Monte Young from Texas

“I managed the first 3 or 4 levels and some other techniques, but nothing special worth mentioning. It was a great idea of you to create those Levels of KB Juggling! So there is a specific structure, something you can get some orientation of…And it has something of a game: You think:” I need to get to the next level…” Really great! That’s creating nice motivation.”
Kay Kramer from Germany

Praise from the Original Version

“Logan, you have put together an outstanding resource for kettlebell juggling. I thought it was great how you were able to organize all of the various juggling techniques and then lay them out in a progressive format. In my training, I have done several different types of kettlebell throws and catches, but you opened up doors of variation that I have not seen or used in the past! I especially liked the way you maneuver the bell behind your back, through the legs and how you incorporate moving over a distance with your throws. I recommend this DVD set to anyone who is looking to open a new chapter in their kettlebell training!”
Jedd Johnson - www.dieselcrew.com
“Logan has created an awesome volume of KB juggling information. In the DVD, Logan does not waste time. He jumps right in with the basic 2 hands swing, and things get pretty crazy from there. Front flips, helicopter spins, uppercut flips, different snatches and cleans, and some brilliant visual throws and catches. It becomes obvious very quickly Logan spends a lot of time building his skills and this has made him very strong and conditioned from it.

“In my opinion, juggling is a great way to build up a strong heart, lungs, and coordination. It gives you a power tool to make a small 26 or 35lbs Kettlebell into a smoker. For the amount of information provided, you will find no better value if you want to learn this very old method of strength. Even the simplest juggling maneuvers would be a fine addition to a Strongman’s show-and with some practice you can do incredible moves such as the behind the back throw and catch. For a super challenging workout-try out some of these techniques with a 53 or 70lbs bell–your core and grip will be screaming!

“This is a great DVD set from a very dedicated KB coach. I highly recommend it.”

Adam Glass - www.adamtglass.com
“If your kettlebell swing is perfect, you like living dangerously and easily get bored, Logan Christopher’s Definitive Guide to Kettlebell Juggling is right down your alley. You will develop spectacular conditioning while having a great time.”

“Just checked out your DVD set and overall I think you did a great job. I have been reluctant to recommend KB juggling to people as many move into advanced moves too fast. However, your DVD shows beginners how to get started in a safe and effective manner. I really like the progressions on your DVD. There is something for everyone on your DVD and I really like the rack transfer drills for cleans and snatches. No doubt the KB juggling programs that you feature are a great way to keep KB cardio and conditioning fun and dynamic. Just doing swings and snatches will get boring for many and juggling is a great alternative or compliment.

“It is really nice to see an innovative kettlebell DVD as far too many trainers are simply putting out KB DVD’s that are just rehashing the basics. They are afraid to take risks by going into uncharted territories as you have. Your DVD will give kettlebell enthusiasts of all levels some new and highly beneficial work. Great job.”

Mike Mahler - www.mikemahler.com

“Logan has produced an excellent DVD set for anyone who wants to develop the skill of juggling kettlebells. He begins with fundamental kettlebell moves like swings, snatches and cleans builds a steady progression of ever-more-complicated juggling techniques. He also details his approach in training and has several real-life examples of what his kettlebell juggling workouts look like.Anyone who trains with kettlebells can find a new twist on something in this set.”
David Whitley - www.irontamer.com

Mike T. Nelson - www.extremehumanperformance.com

“I love your kettlebell juggling DVDs. There’s some tricks on there that I never thought about doing before that are pretty sweet.”
Demond Thompson - Greenbay, WI

“I never really got motivated enough to really pursue kettlebell juggling until I saw your videos. Maybe it was just the way your broke it down. Not really sure. Now both my son and I do it together as a team, doing our latest moves and adding in some two man tandem juggling. After working up to 900-1000 swings per session on my off training days it was starting to get very boring. Now I have trouble not spending all my time juggling. Its just plain fun, an hour of juggling seems like a few minutes and when practiced with others it just flies by.Overall it’s the best non-exercise -like exercise I’ve ever had.”
Patrick Sitton - Claremore, OK

“The behind the back flip was my biggest obstacle, but I mastered it now after watching your videos.”
Sean Hogue - Fort Madison, IW

“Man, most people would have probably spread all that info out on 3 maybe 4 dvds. Hell, and I’ve only watched the 1st one! Your a true inspiration and master of the craft. Thank you for providing an outstanding product!”
Genaro J. Cid - Anacortes, WA

“My conditioning has improved greatly. It’s a very interesting and challenging way to work out.”
Matthew Middleton - Great Yarmouth, UK

“Your KB juggling dvd’s are excellent. Simply performing swings and snatches can bore a guy to tears but the fun that is derived from juggling transforms the mundain into excitement. Knowing myself – I cant improve on something if I’m bored – so thank you for the new challenges.”
Dennis Plansky - Green Bay, WI

My clients are blown away at the scope and magnitude that juggling adds to the regular kettlebell practise.”
Oscar Otuyelu - Zurich, Switzerland

Doug Fioranelli - Rise Above Strength
“I have not put a ton of time into this yet, but already can do some flips and some spins. You have a great teaching method and I like that you explain the physics of the bell and the toss, and safety factors (like incurring the wrath of the significant other). The camera work is very good, and the progression from one movement to the next is logical and easy to follow.”
Scott Steckler - Erie, PA

“I clicked on your video and I was excited to see that you can do so much more with KBs! I was interested and went to your website and immediately purchased your training DVD which is TERRIFIC to say the least!

“Now I love to juggle KBs. It’s great on my light days. I realize and notice that whenever I pull my 35lb KB out of the car and begin juggling in front of freinds and peers who have never seen such an excercise, there is a silence and a bit of awe in the air. The same silence and awe that I experienced when I saw YOU juggling them. KB juggling gives me more awareness and sharpens my reflexes. Enhances my grip strength and improves my endurance. I can’t wait to get better at juggling so I can take juggling to the beach here and wow and awe some folks there, maybe even get them into KBs also!”

Edward Edelinski - Gulfport, MI

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