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Kettlebell Juggling 2.0 Launch

October 24th – November 4th

Official Launch
November 5th

About the Pre-Launch

If you have a list of people interested in kettlebells, they’ll be excited about this. My aim is to take kettlebell juggling, which is often thought of as an advanced skill and outside the realms of the normal person, and to bring it to everyone.

I’m also revolutionizing the way it’s done with the ranking system I’ll be unleashing in the pre-launch.

By getting people on board early on they’ll be super excited about the product, and since it’s a low price compared to the amount they get it will highly convert. I’m giving away tons of content in the pre-launch videos.

I’m also holding a contest to give away an Ipad 2 and more, by having people put into action, what they’ll be learning.

The Offer:

A lifetime membership to a site is offered for $99. On this site will be probably about 10 hours of kettlebell juggling info when it’s all setup. And it will continually be added to overtime.

I will likely never offer it at this price again after the initial launch.

There are a number of bonuses and I’m going to be throwing in like a free kettlebell juggling workshop too! This alone is worth more than they’re paying.

What You Get:

You’ll get 75% commission on the initial $99 product. There will also be a payment plan for three payments of $33 so pretty much everyone can afford this. There will also be a few upsells that you’ll receive 50% commission on.


For the first person that sells 50 units I also give you an iPad 2!

The whole promotion is “done for you”. I’ve created all the banners, links, and emails you could possibly need to promote this product. In addition I’m willing to work personally with you, in one way or another to help you help your followers even more.

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Also be sure to email me at and tell me you’re on board. I’ll add you to the affiliate email list for this launch. And if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask.

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